Our Foundation Mares

At the heart of our breeding program are three mares descending from the foundation horses of the world’s most established breeding programs and continuously-bred mare lines. Amurath Czorteba and Amurath Saratoga are direct tail-female descendants of Murana I, of the Seqlawi Jedran strain, imported from the Arabian desert in 1816 for King William of Wurttemberg, Germany, and founder of the oldest mare line in Europe.

Musonata brings to our program two close-up crosses on both sire and dam lines to Wielki Szlem, the most influential stallion of post-war breeding in Poland. [ Click on mare's name below for more info ]

Amurath Czorteba

(*Czortan x Amurath Basksheba)
1984 Grey Mare

Deceased September 2013

Amurath Saratoga

(Amurath Baikal x Amurath Selari by *Ramses Fayek)
1981 Grey Mare.
Deceased December 1999

Represented by: 
- San Souci (Sapphire C)
1992 Grey Mare
- Sharif El Shaklan
(Sanadik El Shaklan)
1997 Grey Stallion


(*Mustafar x Halali Valkerie by *El Mudir)
1978 Chestnut Mare
Deceased October 2010

Represented by: 
- Musamerica (Afire Bey V)
1997 Chestnut Mare

San Souci

(Sapphire C x Amurath Saratoga)
1992 Grey Mare


(Sapphire C x Amurath Czorteba)
1994 Grey Mare
Deceased December 2012

Represented by: 
- Amurath Amir Shaklan (Sharif El Shaklan) 
2007 Grey Stallion

Czasha IA

(Amurath Czhivago x Miss Psyche)
2003 Grey Mare

Amurath Criztina

(Magnum Psyche x Amurath Czorteba)
2000 Grey Mare


(Afire Bey V x Musonata)
1997 Chestnut Mare

Amurath Afiredance

(Must Be Afire x San Souci)
2003 Bay Mare

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